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2022 Readership Survey Results

Of the nearly 167,000 Penn Lines subscribers, 82% took action as a direct result of reading the magazine. Many of them visited a website, bought or recommended a product, or saved articles. Fifty-three percent of readers cut out or used a recipe from Penn Lines while 41% shared an article with friends and/or family.

As the results show from the latest Penn Lines readership and demographic survey conducted in 2022 by New York-based MRI-Simmons, Penn Lines readers rely upon the magazine to provide relevant, up-to-date information and are motivated to act upon that information. In fact, 97% of readers prefer to read magazines, including Penn Lines, in printed magazine format.

The comprehensive four-page mail survey reached 1,000 cooperative consumer-members selected at random from Penn Lines mailing lists; 37% of those responded to the survey. On average a Penn Lines reader spends 39 minutes reading the magazine, and they keep the magazine for additional viewing an average of four weeks.

The survey also revealed:

  • Eighty-seven percent of subscribers are regular readers of the magazine while 79% read every issue

  • Eighty-three percent of readers have internet access at home with 80%of those having high-speed internet access

  • Nearly 100% of readers own a motor vehicle, with 64% of those readers owning a pickup truck

  • Ninety-five percent own a lawn mower, lawn/garden tractor, tiller, or farm tractor; 59% own a garden

  • Annual median income is $71,500

  • Median age of readers is 66

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