Co-Ops Vote



Co-ops Vote is a campaign to help encourage cooperative members across the country to get out and vote in every election. Co-ops Vote is a non-partisan program designed to enhance the political strength of electric cooperatives as well as educate and engage cooperative members. The program continues the cooperatives’ commitment to raising awareness in rural communities.

Co-ops Vote will not endorse or recommend candidates; however, it will educate members on candidates’ stances on issues of importance to cooperatives.

    We encourage everyone to “like” our Co-ops Vote Pennsylvania Facebook and Twitter pages. We post messages as we approach election time to remind our members to get out and vote and what the issues of importance are to electric cooperatives.

    Please visit to get more information, including:

    • Key election information, including candidates within your Zip code

    • Register to vote

    • Learn about absentee ballots and early voting in your state

    • Pledge to be a co-op voter

    • Learn about key issues of importance for electric cooperatives

    • Get reminders about the upcoming election

    If you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact Steph Okuniewski at 717-901-4481.